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Driver profile

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Here is a insight of my racing career so far....

I started racing Stock-cars in 1997, and progressed to Superstox a year later. My only win to date is the 1998 'Best In Britain', which even to this day I can't believe I won.
I didn't start racing on the ovals until quite a late age,(in my mind)I infact started in karting.
My dad bought my first kart for about 70 pounds, it did need a lot of TLC!
My local club was Camberley Kart Club which was believe it or not nowhere near Camberley. It was over the back of blackbushe airport.
Over the course of the year all I did was practice at my local track, racing took place every 4th Sunday of the month,which I used to watch with great interest and thought"How am I going to be that good!"
On my very first meeting I started from pole position (entries were done on a first come first serve basis) which made me very nervous! But I went on to win by about half a lap. On my way to the weighing area my kart was checked, eg fuel sample, minimum weight, airbox etc. Unfortunatly my kart was underweight by about 2kg, it was the only rule we over-looked.
Meetings consisted of 2 heats and a final, racing took place all over the country. The tracks I raced at were Blackbushe,Ryehouse,Clay Pigeon(Dorset)and Shennington(oxfordshire).
I saved my hard earned pennys and bought a new rolling chassis for about 650 pounds and had it sprayed yellow (of course). I got a loan to buy an engine, (100cc Rotax) which cost including tunening 1500 pounds. This was THE engine to have at the time and I was very competitive with it.
As time went on engine spec changed, chassis were more sophisticated, tyre rules changed and basically it priced me out of the sport.
So in the end I had debts on creditcards and I stoped racing. Gutted!!!
After about a year of boredom I decided to take up stock-car racing of which I watched regularly. Spedeworth had just introduced 1300cc saloon stox, and I thought this was for me.
I got my first car (talbot sunbeam) for 250 pounds inc trailer. Over about a year my dad completley rebuilt the car. My first meeting was at Wimbledon and I lead my first race for about one lap and ended up in the fence on the scoreboard bend!! Lots of damage.
All my races in the stockcar ended with damage of some sort which made it difficult to keep on top of.
At the end of the day I needed a starlet to be competitive but they were to expensive for my budget, so I sold the car to a friend.
I still had my kart in garage so I advertised it in short circuit.
I wanted to race superstox but thought they were also too expensive, so in my advert I said "may swap for superstox"
A driver called Nick Spicer phoned up and the end result was a superstox for nothing!!
So the rest is history and Im still very happy with the formula, even after the rule change, which like most thought it wasn't going to work. How wrong can you be!!!

NAME: Dean Hummerstone

DOB: 05/10/70

BORN: London

JOB: Warehouseman

CAR DETAILS: Paul Pearson built chassis, self prepared Ford Pinto engine. (car is approx 10 years old!!)

SPONSORS: None, apart from my dad!


CURRENT GRADE: yellow. (broken coller bone at beginning of season hinderd me a lot)

SUCCESS TO DATE: 1998 Best In Britain Winner, 1999 Best In Britain Special Award, 6th European Championship 2000, various top 3 finishes.

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