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General views

This page is for letting people know what Im up to between race meetings.

You won't believe how busy I've been over the last month.
Quite a lot of damage was done at the last Wimbledon meeting. We eventually got our suspension off of HCD on Tue 27th Feb and had to get it fitted before Sun 4th. So after 4 very late nights we almost had it finished, only the odds and sods to sort out on Sun morning.
Our car now has HCD front end so it will be easier to repair and get spares ( Tim has made a jig for our wish bones)
Just to give you some idea on how many hours we put in, (my dad and myself) after a day at work 7:30am to 5:00pm a quick bite to eat and out to the garage by about 6:00pm. (lets the garage warm up a bit)
Then work up to about 11:30pm trying not to upset too many neighbours! Do this 4 days in a row and you then begin to realise how much effort is needed, also bear in mind we only have a single garage so not a lot of room inside.

Ali bell houseings will be allowed for use this year.
Let's hope they don't let too much back now we've got very good car turn outs and more drivers joining the Superstox ranks.

If you have a pc then you must buy Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars.
This is an absolutely fantasic game!!! Made even more so nowyou can down load BRISCA tracks and Skins into the game.
There are about 40ish BRISCA skins to choose from.
Even some golden oldies eg Stu Smith "Wildcat" and Doug Cronshaw. There are some F2 as well. How long before Superstox skins will be availible? hint,hint.
On line racing is a Life eater as well, once you start you can't stop!!

Here is some news not everyone will know.
September 8th 2001 I'm getting married!! Yes belive it or not someone actually wants to spend to rest of their life with me.
Mr Eaton, don't make any Superstox meetings on that day, otherwise something will have to give. Wedding/Racing. You choose!